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  2. Bob knows more positivity is one thing we definitely need more of. And "Gank Marvin" is still one of the top, pound-for-pound All Time Great Eve names so that brings a smile immediately. RIP in peace.
  3. In the interests of promoting positivity and variance within the Eve universe I and my team have hastily put together a new video channel with some tutorial content but mostly us acting the fool. The videos are already receiving a positive reception from those capsuleers who have seen them and who like fun, laughing, smiling and other similar pursuits. And they are available to you here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9EHV_BZju2k6Ci6624kHMw
  4. Seconding the cane. Great damagetype choice, good native tracking with Autos.
  5. Thank you! While I don't think the reddit userbase is toxic, I feel the mechanics of reddit are.
  6. Play other games. Engage in other hobbies. It also doesn't help that the longer you play, the less engaging things start to become. Once you've achieved your goals and done the same shit in the game over and over it just eventually loses its "shiny new" feeling. Why grind ISK when you've already got more than you'll ever need? I gave up on solo roaming after they destroyed off grid boosts, probably one of the last best tools that you could use to engage the blob. So part of it is just growing bored of the grind, the other is CCP destroying niche and interesting gameplay styles. It's a sad state of things tbh but at least you can just keep your skill queues going if you want.
  7. leddit was always a cesspool. Anyway, cool forum. I'll stick around for a bit and see how it goes.
  8. Agreement from Vertiso, but he never formed a team!
  9. Hurricane. It's cheap, has a lot of utility, has a link for your buddies, and hits like a truck. Other candidates would be VNI, Nomem, and Nosprey.
  10. Tarkis


    I either do other stuff (exploration, manufacturing, Proving Grounds) or I ping warrior for a while.
  11. If you were gonna buy 20 of it and throw them away on some pvp action, what would you choose and why?
  12. Woops. Well, I've been in and out. Same shit, different year. As for the PL vouch by bad corps, yes, Snig is fine.
  13. Youre a bit late m8, pretty much all of those things have already happened (differently). Test already found a couch to crash on, theyre in drones behind panfam. Goons have moved the test is next goalposts to cleaning out old test space of structures and INIT does rorq hunting through wormholes. Brave joined winterco. Also want to sell PL vouch. (Only the bad corps)
  14. What will happen: Goons have more money than sense. They are going after TEST and TEST will probably not survive long term unless they find a couch to crash on and someone to hide behind. Depending on how much hurfing and blurfing Mittens can do to get goons to stop krabbing long enough to finish TEST (doubtful) TEST will most likely survive in some form. Goons are not the greatest at offensive wars, especially post fozzie-sov so while Mittens promises to crush anyone that helps TEST I'd place serious doubt on him being able to follow through outside normal 'harassment' ops and entosis gimmicks. Goons are all show no flow unless their super capital fleet can be flexed and the horn of Goondor can be used (which it alreay has) but even that has limits - how many pilots will actually deploy to crush "Papi bag holder #21." Horde will get more powerful. The most likely candidate for receiving TEST refugees (especially corps) is horde or some entity connected to PL. Horde has also shown a lot of resilience and Gobbins and his leadership team are a capable political entity despite the blunders. The big question is if Horde will really invest in its infrastructure and create an economy to rival Goons. This has already happened in a lot of ways but alliance unification of logistics and income stratification via moons can improve and be streamlined more. Goons control a lot of the raw mineral markets and until someone can tackle that they'll always have the upper hand. Fraternity will grow and will probably be one of the key players in the next big war. As a US or EU based alliance/coalition, I would hate to go to war with Frat. If frat can grow it's list of western based allies they will be unstoppable. It's really that simple. Not even goons with their very strong pacific and Australian time zone can rival an Asian based super power in the game. Most of goon's leadership is also very much against any sort of war with any entity in Asia. They know it's their biggest weak spot. What won't happen: TEST will live. I know I said above that TEST will be wrecked by Imperium but again, I have serious doubt in Imperium's ability to project power like it used to. Someone used to say "Big dogs don't bark, they bite." All I see Mittani doing is barking. Again, I doubt he'll deploy supers in the numbers seen in previous offensive wars. After more than a year most of its members are not in any way interested in another hellwar outside of harassment shenanigan's. Everyone is burnt out, especially their logistics team who is busy trying to rebuilt Delve's infrastructure so fuck trying to JF a shit ton of assets to chase TEST. A lot of people are hoping more space up for grabs in nullsec will attract groups in low and hisec to relocate but that's wishful at best. This always gets said after a major war and it always a "well yes and no" sort of thing. Stop hoping HiSec Jesus is gonna save yall by preaching the gospel in Null. Brave should join PanFam officially. It will never happen; but, given they've helped PanFam in just about every conflict in null, it's time to call a spade a spade. Would also be interested if they went back to lowsec but that probably won't happen either. Brave will always be a group that does the opposite of what benefits them the most. What would be cool: More fish in the sea. Triglovians invading SoV systems and flipping them. JF range increases. I dunno. What I do know is it would be nice if Imperium would ever stop using 40k references. Would be cool if TEST leadership just like, I dunno, deleted their characters and handed the alliance over to a random line member who would probably make better decisions than they would. It would be cool if my application to PL was accepted too, TIA.
  15. Suddenly the reality of life hits me, and I start getting trained and working. And laying under a car repairing it. It just becomes too much.
  16. I take breaks often is my issue, Bringing myself to roam just feels too rough.
  17. I stopped: the kinds of solo roaming (old Pilgrim hunting belt ratters being my favourite, Vagabond being a close second) I used to do didn't really work anymore, and I ceased to have enough time to commit to make it rewarding, even if it retained the rate of return per hour invested. I migrated to piloting principally logistics in small and medium fleets as my favoured playstyle instead, after a brief stint focusing on playing the market, and an even longer stint AFG.
  18. I play some other games and then return, or I just set new goals.
  19. Such is life, but I am not gonna stop trying to fix parts of the problem. I WILL be trying for CSM next year again.
  20. Man almost all these responses are pretty disheartening.
  21. I gave up on solo roaming years ago. The amount of time it costs vs what you get out of it just wasnt worth it anymore. Now i mostly just rely on the abyss for getting my solo pvp on. Since thats only once every 2 (or more in case of shit events in between) its hard to burn out. As for regular burnout, i fuck off to go play other games for a week or two until i start missing eve.
  22. I find the constant issue is lack of activity I can join in with.
  23. Ive dealt with by staying away from the game for almost two years now
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