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  1. I take breaks often is my issue, Bringing myself to roam just feels too rough.
  2. Man almost all these responses are pretty disheartening.
  3. We've all seen it, Some of us have experienced it. Curious how you guys deal with burnout specifically in relation to solo roaming?
  4. But trolling around with a svipul in null. https://zkillboard.com/kill/94696003/ Curious to see what other nerds have cooked up to try out.
  5. Feed back appreciated :D
  6. this was painful. 1 that's is a super blatant infringement on TiS' logo. So bad on that just to start. 2 The amount of effort put into production quality is horrendous even for a eve online talk show If that's actually his logo he has intellectual rights to he has every right to approach twitch and get them to either change there stuff or get booted off the platform. TLDR: Low Effort Shit Post
  7. nothing wrong with enjoying it, but my advice is aimed at making better videos generally,
  8. there is very little timing or flow in the video, take some time to better plan out transitions and music and you'd have a banger.
  9. It's all nice to think about but actually balancing it is a painnnnn
  10. after a discussion with phantomite about what server's they're using, they're pretty much at the tech limit for their current set up. So no bigboi servers.
  11. Probably just as simple a return to before the most valuable lesson from this war was that CCP is at the limit of their technology. they either need to fix this with game balance or pony up the cash for dank big boi servers.
  12. Penta Tonix is my princess.. 

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      You earn it babbyyy!

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