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  1. I was thinking about grabbing it just for rebel galaxy.
  2. All this talk of the alliance tournament got me thinking about the time I almost competed in the AT. This story goes back 10 years. I flew with a very tight group of pilots, there were 6 of us. Me, Hyp, Lone, Kazz, Laquid and Cory. We didn’t use Cory’s in game name because he changed characters so often it was hard to keep track. We had all been playing just a few years but the alliance tournament was our dream. We were more than competent in small gang fights, we won far more often then we lost and we usually only lost when we were severely outnumbered. An alliance that we were friends with offered to let us fly for them in the tournament, we would have full control over the team, the fits, everything. So we agreed to join Adeptus Arbites, their alliance leader was a really good dude, but he knew as we all did that our boy Cory had a tendency to rub people the wrong way. He was the leader of our little group and had the most experience of any of us, he had FC’d for major null alliances in the past and we trusted he would lead us to alliance tournament glory. Leading up to the tournament we took the members of this mostly PVE/Indy alliance out on roams to find out who could fill out the squad and serve as alternates. The core 6 of us worked well as a team we had flown together for over a year roaming almost every day. So we understood what was expected of each of us, the new guys not so much. Missed tackle, late reps, wrong overview settings you name it we had those problems. We were all frustrated but Cory was the one to vocalize it. Sloppyjosh as I mentioned was a great dude, he fronted the isk for the entrance fee. And it was the day where they announced the teams I remember watching the YouTube video announcing the teams on my break at work. They announced that we had been chosen and I knew I had made “the big time”. I was going to be EVE Famous! I really don’t know why I thought that, I can’t name one person in eve that I know solely from one AT appearance. We continued to work on our fleet comps and train up the few guys that we thought could do well in this, Cory kept rubbing people the wrong way. We got our draw, who were we facing in the first round, AAA. They very alliance Cory used to FC for. He didn’t have much insight into what they might do, but we studied their past tournament matches to get an idea. The night before the match Cory gets into an argument with one of the directors of the alliance. This dude then cooks up this story that Cory had been in contact with AAA and was selling us out by telling them what we were going to fly so they could hard counter it. He then removes our Corp from the alliance, less than 24 hours before the tournament. I was devastated. We worked really hard, spent a ton of isk, changed training queues. Now that we had been removed we were ineligible to compete because you have to be in the alliance for 6 months before the tournament. I spoke to sloppyjosh and said how upset I was this happened and he knew that Cory didn’t betray the team. He told me to use one of his characters to compete(yes I know it’s a EULA violation). I said it wouldn’t be the same not using my character. So the next day I watched Adeptus Arbites get absolutely rolled by AAA. It was pretty fun to watch, I still wish I had the chance to compete though. After the match, the guy who kicked us mentioned in the post fight interview that the fleet comp had been leaked to AAA before the match and that’s why they did poorly. AAA denied any knowledge of it. They didn’t need it to be leaked the guys who ended up flying in that tournament had no business being there. Oh well live and learn I guess. it’s been 10 years since that. The only time I came close to being on an AT roster perhaps we would’ve won, who knows. And now a new alliance tournament is coming and I feel that old pull…
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