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  1. I don't know a whole lot about industry, but the system index idea has always seemed a bit backwards to me - it prevents groups from centralizing industry, which has maybe good effects on big blocs (they develop multiple smaller industrial hubs that can be individually attacked) but is pretty harmful for smaller groups, which generally only have enough people and money for one such hub in the first place and need to centralize all their activity in it for it to be viable to pay the cost of running it in the first place. That said, I firmly agree with you that lack of group income opportunities is one of the major hindrances for smaller and independent groups, and a major deterrent (IMO) to PvP. In our area (Syndicate) these are the main income sources for individuals: Missions (bounties are taxed but LP, the big part of the payout, is not) DED sites (again, bounties are taxed but the real value is the drops which aren't taxed) Abyss running (untaxable) Exploration (untaxable) Moon mining (taxed via mandatory buybacks or similar, assuming you can take and hold moons) PI (taxed via pocos, if you can take and hold them) Industry (taxed via industry taxes, for what that's worth, if you can defend the structures) The problem gets even more acute in lowsec, where the DEDs and exploration sites are worth less and there's more contention for moons and pocos. We have basically had to be very creative when it comes to group income sources and keeping the corp funded, while it feels like blocs can essentially slap a 10% tax easily on their members' main income sources (anom ratting and moon mining) and call it good. Perhaps some of that is like "sov should have its rewards", but... yeah, eh.
  2. I'm really glad to hear that the changes to gas made the gas areas more worth fighting over! We sometimes get gas in our pocket of Syndicate but the actual isk/hr of mining it is worse than running L4s so nobody does it.
  3. A fight from late last week in Barleguet - we weren't there but I was watching. Someone (probably STFU. but I'm not sure) had reffed an OZLAD Azbel in system and there was a fight at the armor timer. The defenders had a thick form, pretty close to 100 people between OZLAD, VAPOR and FE, sitting docked in their Fortizar on grid. The timer exited and STFU. cynoed in with 10 Tempests, 1 FAX, and 1 Revelation. The defenders were probably shocked by this bold gambit, but after the unsupported cap sacrifice at the last timer fight maybe not surprised... and responded by undocking about 45 Tempests and 8ish logi Nestors, along with a separate fleet of ~15 Tengus from FE, who I guess had decided to half merge into the OZLAD fleet to add alpha. Dock Workers were also present, with 20ish Zealots and logi, kinda third partying but mostly shooting the FE Tengu fleet. The defending battleship fleet, with a massive numbers advantage, warped in and started slaughtering the STFU battleship fleet, totally ignoring their FAX. STFU, like last time, didn't siege their dread, so the Azbel never took any significant damage from them. It was looking like another huge and pointless feed... and then a neutral recon decloaked and Snuffed Out cynoed in, dropping 25 Damnations and 3 of their own triage into the fight. The Damnations turned out to be AB Scram Web HAM fits with some disgusting resists and EHP under links & amulets (like, 600k) and they immediately got to grips with the OZLAD fleet. Within a minute half of them were tackled by Damnations that they had no chance of killing or peeling, and then the Snuff HAW dreads came in and the killing started in earnest. Over the next 20 minutes the defenders lost >30 battleships to Snuffed Out, trading them for... basically one Bhaalgorn and the initial STFU. battleship fleet of ten, which had been ravaged early in the engagement. After some aimless burning around grid, the defenders disengaged and warped to their fort, and the Snuffed Damnations, perhaps smelling further blood in the water, went back to hammering on the Azbel. After a further few minutes, the defenders undocked again in another battleship fleet of almost the same size, at the same time as a squad of FRT assault frigates made their appearance. The situation looked ripe for another slaughter, and then Snuffed Out jumped their caps out and moonwalked away, except for one unfortunate Damnation who was disconnected and got tackled on the exit. A moment later it became clear why: NSH had just moved ~25 caps to a mid within range of Barleguet. The legendary Snuff spy network strikes again! Anyway, the Azbel was saved, and the total butcher's bill came to 28b lost for the defenders (primarily in battleships) and 18b lost for the attackers (also primarily in battleships).
  4. I obviously only speak for a small corp, but we're eyeing a lowsec deployment in large part to hunt for keys.
  5. Mine, so we could move out of Syndicate, free at last of the scourge of structures
  6. The current numbers on Sisi are approximately 1.5B total for the 15min ones, and 3.5B total for the 45min ones, as long as the reserve bank has at least that much in it. At those prices if the keys are at all attainable this will be very worth both doing and defending. You could empty your own reserve bank, but it shows up in the Agency to everyone that you are doing so...
  7. I'd like to kick new-CAOD off by giving an update on what's going on in Syndicate as well as a bit of the recent history, insofar as it's known to me. If any of this is wrong please correct me - I'm writing from my own (USTZ-centric) perspective here only and a lot of the RU/EUTZ stuff is hearsay. The residents: CVA: their same old selves, mostly EUTZ and living down in the Barleguet area these days, with influence over the TXW area as well. Their USTZ are often good for a scrap if you run into them - they have quite a few small gangers. They have an alt/feeder/pet/whatever you call it alliance called "CVA Auxiliary". VeGA: EUTZ folks, I think largely Germans, who've lived in their pocket in western Syndicate (one of the enclaves cut off by Outer Ring) for ages. They don't tend to roam a whole lot but they can put up a nice blob in their TZ if you provoke them. Never really seen in USTZ. Down Under Syndrome: mixed AU/USTZ. I believe they stage in Barleguet near CVA, and they seem to do a pretty even mix of lowsec and Syndicate stuff. United Fleet: Russians, basically only RUTZ, who live over in the east in the KTHT-O area. Commonly seen gatecamping in the PF-/FD- hell zone, and in numbers as far south as M2-CF1. They also have a bunch of associated smaller russian groups that are largely friendly with them, including part of THE RUSSIA and (I think) Wind of the Stars. Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive: Caldari roleplayer types who live down in the southeast - not exactly sure where, as they seem to do a lot of stuff elsewhere in the universe too, but they're mostly USTZ. Keep an eye out for their classic Harpy blobs 🙂 Center for Advanced Studies: a group that grew out of an NPC corp, now with an alt alliance (CAStabouts) that lives over in RF-GGF. Many members of the group remain in the original NPC corp. There are almost always a few of them around RF-, and on weekends you'll sometimes run into their "combat day" fleets in EUTZ, which can be pretty huge (up to 30-40 people in kitchen sink). EVE University: still have their staging in PC9-AY, and you can often see newbies out mining in that area - plus their standing fleet, if it's up, often has up to a dozen nano cruisers. See if you can get Mongo to play station games with his dread 🙂 Of Sound Mind: us, a USTZ group that notionally lives in LSC4-P but practically spends a lot of time away from home 🙂 The visitors: Snuffed Out: I mean, if you're in bridge range of lowsec, you're gonna have Snuffed Out around. That's just a fact. They have a staging point in Placid I think but honestly they're kinda everywhere. Shadow Cartel: If your citadel goes abandoned for one second, these dudes will be there. They can also drop a mean battleship fleet if they want to and have all the cap escalation power one could ever want. Pretty much only EUTZ though, we don't actually see them that often. Lowsechnaya Sholupen: sometimes-batphone for the local russians, since we aren't that far from Aridia, I guess? Triumvirate: live in O-ZXUV in southern Cloud Ring, and mostly occupied with fighting the Fountain residents, but they do roam through and camp Syndicate sometimes. They have allies named Out of the Blue. that live nearby in B-DBYQ. I Will End Your Whole...: mostly USTZ lowsec group that used to be in a bloc with Down Under Syndrome until there was internal drama of some kind; they then mounted a very brave attack on the Down Under Fort in Barleguet, lost a bunch of caps, and basically collapsed. TDSIN: formerly part of that bloc with Down Under Syndrome; they live in Solitude lowsec but are sometimes seen in Syndicate at timers. Mostly EUTZ (I think?) but they have a decent USTZ as well. Recent happenings: Barleguet fort fight (2021-06-18): Writing about this one because I was on grid watching it unfold. Down Under Syndrome (OZLAD) had called in basically everyone, including Tri/OotB/etc, and there were about 120 defenders in Local when the structure exited reinforce. I Will End Your Whole... (STFU.) had formed like 40-50 people, and they had a fleet of 25ish FRT Feroxes as reinforcements, but they were obviously heavily outformed and would be fighting on a hostile structure grid, so it looked like they would stand down. Instead, they lit a cyno and jumped in... 5 dreads, 2 faxes, and no subcaps at all. The dreads that died were 3 short-range buffer cap gun fits (basically cap brawl dreads) and one arty shield buffer nag... with a sebo...?, and there was another Moros that managed to moonwalk out. Anyway, once the defenders recovered from their surprise at this bold gambit, they killed all but one of the caps with virtually no loss and won the timer. Partway through that, FRT's Ferox fleet bridged in, but of course they were outnumbered more than 4:1 and Feroxes don't do so well when outnumbered by arty Tempests, so they lost half their fleet almost instantly and ran off grid. I still to this day don't know what STFU. could have been thinking doing this - most of the dreads didn't even siege, since they were getting FAX reps and the fort was taking very little damage. 🤷‍♀️ CVA vs United Fleet (2021-07-??, ongoing): Somehow a fight started between these two groups, although I don't have UF's perspective on why and I don't want to just repeat CVA's side of the story here. Either way, United Fleet killed a bunch of CVA structures, then got tired of grinding, lost momentum, and then CVA has been killing their way through a bunch of UF structures in return. With both sides having ready batphones and the slight TZ mismatch (RU vs EU), there have been relatively few fights for the amount of structure shooting, but CVA did recently wipe out a UF Harbinger fleet while losing an Athanor, and a fight a few days earlier than that escalated to battleship-on-battleship violence.
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