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  1. No it wasnt any more retarded than any other new player post . Here is an example i just saw it today : https://forums.eveonline.com/t/as-new-player-it-was-the-worst-experience-into-a-game-i-ever-had/322210/30 or this one : https://forums.eveonline.com/t/why-is-pvp-allowed-at-all-in-high-sec/322581 i picked these two from main forum page most actual i didnt even dig down i have just look and i knew i will find something.. easy. i have fallowed his post too .. i have seen there someone asked him he needs to get his pills… ( he is an autistic and its not something treatable or medicated in most cases ) . People wrote some more harsh things .. ISD let it pass .. instead punished him .. what he did on the way to defend himself and his son and other kids in group went out of way… for a reason . He never get enough guidiance from CCP and they have went preety harsh on him in a lvl that pretty reasonable possibility of favoritism . So they went out of way and he did it too… and since CCP is the boss they banned him.. ban reasons are legit.. nothing to say.. But both CCP and ISD failed alot on the way . here he is writing trying to share some ideas . I can see its not welcomed by people like you and others.. but i dont agree of statement “eve online forums has higher quality standarts. If what you understand from quality stadart is writing stuff that actually managament doesnt like it .. CCP choose to go cencor and kick ban people… i havent seen spesific this person is toxic harmfull ect ect.. he is trying to argue his case with good spirit.. if you smash him here .. or this forum management does that too.. even he didnt flame rage shittalk ect ect.. then i can say this place is not for me too.. i believe in freedom of speech to the bones.. and im more interested in hearing opposite ideas than people saying same thing with me.. only way to know how or what people think is let them talk
  2. No . These two different cases .. you can read RvB case here: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/i-am-loosing-eve-farewell/312489 He is not easy to give up kind.. as you can see.
  3. 16 hours ago, Phantomite said: Except it's a game ABOUT bullying, fighting, blackmail and crime. No according to CCP this game is not about that.. i strongly suggest you to sign up for CCP s course in Edx.. but … your perspective reflects large player bases understanding and handling.. This is not CCP trying to sell. But give me a good idea to write about an article which totally proofing and defending this understanding … I can promote it on google search about EvE Online and think that cause me to be banned from game forever its not your hypocricy here.. its CCPs. In my opinion
  4. Fallowing reactions prooving OPs statement around : And But those links doesnt ties CCP .. as people who answered mention it . THIS ONE DOES : https://www.google.dk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjE4JmMtZfyAhXJl4sKHT6oB9oQFnoECAYQAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Frm.coe.int%2F16805a39d3&usg=AOvVaw1zKUBpDWbWuj-1rpOAzcYG its pdf file i couldnt copy paste here .. issue is their servers are in UK and UK left EU but still both iceland and UK signed under international human rights declaration and simply that declaration ties CCP too. Member countries are legally responsible to abide. there is kids in eve online … when they make account they are clicking to button that they are min age 13 thats CCPs safeguard to not to take any responsibility .. Noone is untochable ..
  5. Penta Tonix is my princess.. 

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      You earn it babbyyy!

  6. This is definately a plus. Its exhalirating to see how much new players also actually engage ganking .. This helps them to get better understanding about nature of EvE Online .. and prevent the negative biases.. high sec ganking and “how to” must be part of the tutorial. Balance between farmers and PvP ers in New Eden tipped over for behalf of the farmers long time ago … Gankers are the pilots mostly introduce the first PvP experiences to new pilots in game .. Many mining Corps recruit very new pilots from the day one and straight filling their brain as gakers are “ bad people “ , “griefers” and a lot of other negative adjectives.. That simply butchering new players adjustment and orientation to reality of EvE Online . This is legid game play in EvE Online .. and actually so many more players can step up to PvP in early stage of game if industrial corps doesnt brain wash them that much at early stage in game.. i think alienizing the gankers and introducing them as mosters, griefers, trolls its greatly sinister strategy. Far more evil than everything .. its simply brain washing. Unfair for gankers who just play the game suitable to its rules and mindset .. as well as In many cases paralising for new players .. I have never been part of any ganker group. but i know the mechanics and i did teach to many new players who eager to learn PvP ..and also miners who eager to be more open minded and conscious about mechanics.. more concious they are.. more better at avoid the conditions end up get ganked.. I start eve online as miner. And if i had been a PvP pilot for years.. i owe this to 2-3 ganker pilot constantly come to belt and killin my ships. learning to respect different game styles is definately good start point for every new /old eve online player
  7. Impersonating CCP staff serious .. also station switch wont work it fallows the station even there is a bug glitch ect using that kind of stuff against rules i think
  8. This is a very good topic and im gratefull you shoot it also to see people actually really bring it on ..im working on something too if you would like to talk in private .. its refressing to have place we can talk about things without troll attemts, ban threats and cencors
  9. I think everywhere can be legid if he feels for it.. i can imagine him persuading his masseur in spa to convince him start play eve and join goons 😜 or using his time with professional sex services provider to convince join them .. im not goon 🙂 i have stayed neutral all my EvE life pretty much.. i can see and understand peoples perspectives .. what they value and what they bring them together.. i found @Ambassador Spocks write up pretty heart warming .. but still i do understand the people seing goons as cancer of EvE.. weird mental status/ place i live ..i suggest you to visit time by time 🙂 people have right to reflect .. and you have right too.. as you did 🙂 ..
  10. I am giving to him.. i mean whatever he use instead of autistic.. like if he use retard.. its assault for mentally challenged people .. since this is worst than that .. i have to do necessary practice at center for accomodating mentally challenged kids like 3 months before i graduate .. they dont harm intentionally each other with conscioous.. this letter is totally self conscious declaration
  11. Ahm.. may be you would like to use another word ..instead of autism .. because it spreading extra layer of realism than just to be a meme… i have a dear friend who is autistic also..and perma banned from EvE online under very unfair conditions… they havent guide and inform him.. instead everytime went more and more harsh on him.. and he didnt hold back either and situation escalated.. CCP has zero tolarance towards people with special challenges .. even companies selling canned sardines do some adjustments on theirnproducts or be more helpfull around customer services .. I have tried to talk to them about their GM and ISD’s behaviours and way of their communication.. but they have zero interest and sensitivity . they need intense traning programs for their staff.…
  12. Ye. Two times one of them to aswer to that guy .. other one share my opinion about OP. Also i m good atmaking text walls that you dont wanna read .. :))))
  13. I think every player with a little bit dignity reacts to this …i havent seen anyone behging isk from CCP .. from other players in game oooh yes .. but i never seen player base asked for isk.. players ask for better game conditions .. they asked healtier conditions so they can make their own ingame .. this thing.. this is begger money.. just ,,i think ccp begging players to login..
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