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  1. Heads up, Fwagons is opening 10 spots for small gang PVPers. We are opening 5 for USTZ and 5 for EUTZ. Please visit our discrod if you are interested in applying. https://discord.fwagn.net
  2. So many wires! I do love that keyboard. Also is that a water cooled open air bench?
  3. Changing lives, one stream ganking prank at a time.
  4. This is how it will go. corp will use key to loot their own ess, and spam edencom ships to just nuke any attackers.
  5. Technically pegging is an asshole move.
  6. I like the idea of capital anoms. Would create more whaling groups and hunting whales is mad fun. We have had A TON of content hunting whales and fighting kitchen sink response fleets.
  7. I can understand this, but at the same time, I have flown with and without it and i haven't noticed less people willing to engage me because I have a backpack, but I have noticed the usefulness of the extra tackle/utility. Boosh plays have created more content for us than people not wanting to engage because we have a backpack. Also, don't make fun of keres backpack. My 92KM point with 56% damps are POGGERS
  8. I'm in the same boat. Wife can barely find time to throw on the strapon and give me a good pegging. Times are tough.
  9. So many people butt hurt, but at least they are sticking to their word about bringing it back.
  10. That is a solid and clean build. How are your thermals though? Did you repaste and thermal pad your FE 3080? I did it to all of mine (takes about 30 minute) and it made about a 10-20c difference on the thermals for the memory.
  11. Counterplay is knowing how damps, and ships work and their base attributes. as an example, a maulus has 105km lock range with a single T2 ionic projector. If you are in a BS, you can boosh on one, or simply launch a flight of lights if you get into drone range. These ships are paper thin. If you are flying a ship with projection, trans match it. But if you are talking about a solo situation, good luck, ewar is a major part of this game and solo ships are fucked no matter what.
  12. I think maybe instead of promoting people to undock, punish those that don't. Let the PVPers give people a reason to undock. As it stands right now I can roam into a region and do fuck all if no one wants to undock and fight me.
  13. EWWWW I HATE IT. I also hate FW plex brawling so there is that too.
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