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  1. Toxic is anything bad for the health. If it harms your health, then it is toxic. If not - shut the fuck up about it you baby back bitch.
  2. I dunno - Vily did manage to lose something like 10 trillion isk in the time span of 2 hours.
  3. This is now a serious response thread and requires serious reasoning so you need to seriously reconsider this post, sir/mam/nongenderist.
  4. This is a quality response, you're really setting the bar here. Guess I need to add some to the list: Jay Amazingness - loses Revenants to small-gang Tengu fleets and obvious bait plays... is also a EURO. ProGodLegend - an LSU fan. WallyMarts - yeah. Thomas Lear - uses a single cyno for 100+ man dreadbombs and expects them not to bump out of range of the target when his pal can literally provide 6 swaggered out cynos in a death-ring of fire.
  5. You are like 5 choices below the correct one lmao get better at screenshots bro
  6. Please see the title and let’s have an amazing conversation shall we!
  7. I would rather post bad than have “StArShInE” in my name.
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