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  1. Suddenly the reality of life hits me, and I start getting trained and working. And laying under a car repairing it. It just becomes too much.
  2. something to do with the fact that a mango director owns RR Also, the deal is off now. FRT pressure caused this to break up.
  3. i'm literally talking to a mangos director lol
  4. I'm not qualified to figure out a solution that isn't metagameable.
  5. They had to change this "recently" because it was sending new players to mine Crokite.
  6. The citadel spam solution is difficult to figure out and must be made in a way that's not metagameable. There was a long discussion on this in <10 where someone thought Keepstars should be 1 per region, Forts 1 per constellation. Problem is, how the hell do you invade without a keepstar if theirs is in some near-unassailable far end of a region?
  7. no, they won't be. however this is where it gets interesting ranger regiment and by extension dracarys are owned by a mango director - miss bunny lu. RR and dracarys will border PIBC and be blue to them. a coalition within and out a coalition.
  8. there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity and they need to profit from the game.
  9. Well, looks like legacy is bleeding corps and there will be a new coalition. The PIBC coalition of mangos, vindi, and evictus. what could go wrong.
  10. nah there isn't. but there are entire bachelor degree level essays of malding about matterall. who resigned 2 weeks ago.
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