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  1. ah ok, i did specify an alliance when i filled out the form but i had a misunderstanding for which alliance it wanted. thanks for clearing that up for me. rj
  2. I think everyone has had a moment like this. I did the same thing in a smart bomb machariel but the sad thing was, the person that killed me was a friend, and with that backstab he is no longer my friend. Because I know he made the kill to show off, and probably made up some huge story about it. Anyways yeah I'm sure many of us have had that forgotten afk moment. rj
  3. https://azure.zettabytes.org There's a variety of stuff there but I do write articles on Eve ship fits and include some information about how to fly the ship, how I fly the ship, with some information in the posts on reacting to different scenarios. Plus I put some pvp theory into each post. I'm not the greatest writer but the articles are more for intermediate players who want to get better. If you go on the site you will see there's a shit load of stuff that you're probably not interested in but if you hit the 'gaming' tag all the Eve Online stuff will/should show up. Chances are though it may be a little basic for this crowd. rj PS. I was hoping to just add this to another existing topic instead of creating one just for this, just wasn't sure where I should put it.
  4. hehehe. ah, i figured out why no reply to specific post cause i can just quote and then post. Is that right? 😉
  5. I registered as a mercenary, as I'm a mostly solo player. Maybe someone out there who knows me will ask for my help or give me a chance at being in an AT. rj
  6. I wanted to comment on the active Stratios fit up there, but didn't see where I could directly reply to that message. Though I like the buffered/slave/amulet fit, I do much prefer the active armor fit. it's the fit I use on my Stratios. I just find it to be more flexible without having to worry about knowing your gonna die to or measuring your engagement against a static amount of hit points. Sure, sometimes the buffer fit last longer, but that would have to be determined on a case by case basis. In my opinion the active armor Stratios is a better fit to randomly roam with. rj
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