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  1. I always fit mine like an interceptor. 2x sensor boosters + long point or point/scram and dual prop. Or you can web/scram and nano it to chase cepters.
  2. I tried this out yeeeaars ago. I'm looking at the Steam numbers now... player counts are in the double digits. 😕
  3. We have some "colorful" people in Solitude. [15:11:28] LordofVindication Primus > im sure susan is a woman at this point according to his alliance [15:11:29] Nabi Kim > someone's getting mad [15:11:36] LordofVindication Primus > or amybe tranz/cross or something idk [15:11:44] shefu Nakrar > lolz [15:12:26] Nabi Kim > sexism and transphobia? nice touch. 😛 [15:12:28] LordofVindication Primus > cant gank erga erga, spew local,erga erga, flip narrative erga erga [15:12:37] LordofVindication Primus > reminds me of the nazi's he try to be [15:13:21] Nabi Kim > after being sexist and transphobic, lordofpretensious namus calls someone a nazi. peak irony. [15:13:26] LordofVindication Primus > always wondered what its like being in the closet [15:13:37] LordofVindication Primus > about almost all your life style choices [15:13:38] LordofVindication Primus > lol [15:13:45] Nabi Kim > is there something wrong with being a same-sex attracted individual? [15:13:55] LordofVindication Primus > u tell me [15:13:56] Nabi Kim > attraction is not a "lifestyle choice". we're hitting peak ignorance here. [15:14:07] LordofVindication Primus > rotfl [15:14:16] LordofVindication Primus > yep he's one of them guys [15:14:32] LordofVindication Primus > but rmemeber guys he didn't choose to be llike this [15:14:34] Nabi Kim > "one of them guys" = people who arent woefully ignorant? [15:14:35] LordofVindication Primus > god was just bored [15:14:53] LordofVindication Primus > anyone catch the jets game [15:15:15] Breuk Bjarteson > Aight, imma head out before this trainwreck of a conversation devolves any further. have fun haha [15:15:25] LordofVindication Primus > o/
  4. That's easy. The same way POS can only be anchored to moons, Citadels can only be anchored to planets, and certain Citadels require certain planets. Like Keepstars require temperate planets, refineries can only be on moons, etc.
  5. - Remove SOV. "Your" space is what you can defend. - Rebalance Tech2 so that it's a specialized version of Tech1. Tech1 gets **all** the bonuses, but with decreased effectiveness. Tech2 has increased effectiveness at the cost of some bonus sets. - Buff Tech1 battleships a bit so they're not just a free kill. - Remove HAW. - Delete supers.
  6. EVE Online needs a civilization ending event - not something soft like Scarcity was - but something that will break everyone back up into tribes.
  7. The daily login rewards are really bothersome. I wish there was a way to opt out of them, except in the cases of special events. And the 30 day SP bonus should just automatically tally and pop into your character sheet after 30 logins. I'm tired of all the clicking and spam - I just wanna log in and grief scrubs.
  8. You can read about events in Solitude in my blog. xuixiendares.blogspot.com. I will be posting an update tonight.
  9. I came here to get away from the goon spin and posturing, please go back to reddit with this garbage, or at least post in the proper subforum.
  10. It was in Placid. I scouted them but couldn't do anything about them, so I whispered to a friend who whispered to a friend who then said: get tackle. And yes I am also sad their caps got away. They thought they were so big pants with that Nidhoggur going after my Hecate. T.T But at least the Rorqual died.
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