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  1. 1. Rework of frig hole mechanics and/or new way to roll them. Rework of them would be nice, so that there is more use to them than a connection that is open for 16h straight that doesn't let the team with the most numbers, barring ships available, to win an eviction 2. Rework of how so is held. Having it tied to citadel's in a system, or having the number of citadels allowed in a system tied to it. Have FW space use the same method in regards to citadel use/placement
  2. EVE Online needs a civilization ending event - not something soft like Scarcity was - but something that will break everyone back up into tribes Event forcing people to go tribal: Constellations/regions have gates turned off due to a massive (drifter, triglavian, rogue edencom, HOSA, collapse of the four empires, ect) attack. Through the use of ratting or mining (or some other nullsec thing) the gates between constellation/regions can be turned back online. Anoms are now the only places to rat/mine/Huff and officer rats are now able to spawn at anoms. Systems with a gate offline have local also offline, as well as cyno jammed. Systems with offline gates, to a neighboring constellation/region, now spawn whs to the neighboring systems that they were once connected too This will break up a lot of null and can also be applied to LS and be taken over through factional warfare. The attack can also cause a collapse of the four empires, resulting in empire space with offline gates and no local, but can be reverted through ratting/mining. Kspace is basically a bunch of constellations that're disconnected from each other, like Pochven, except they can be reconnected through player actions. Officer rats spawn can spawn at anoms also.
  3. I'm a big fan of C13 whs and here I'll keep putting some of my various ideas. If you're ever looking to get into C13 whs, polish off your collection, or have one if the 3 I lost access to and are inter seed in scanning me in, please Contact Shamo Runner. -All C13 statics are changed so that they have a reduced total mass capacity of 50k with no mass regen compared to the previous 1000k total and mass regen, the same 5k jump limitations would still be in effect. I want to be able to roll my C13 statics for content and to also keep the statics from syncing up and spawning, EOL, and collapsing the same time as each other. This wouldn't apply to wandering connections and incoming K162s, just the statics -C13s each get a new static that spawns in a C13 and leads to a C13. Same wh mass stats as above with the traditional 5k jump limitations. C13 highways, that is what I want -C13s get a new weather change that doesn't limit shield resists and increases shield HP. Changing up the meta so people will try out more shield stuff without getting seriously gimped in tank would open up the meta to be more than Confessor, Kiki, Hecate
  4. Interested in getting into the C13 life or polishing off your C13 collection? Eve mail Shamo Runner today!

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