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  1. I play some other games and then return, or I just set new goals.
  2. Opportunities seems to be a misnomer, it's more like suggested activities it seems.
  3. I think the advantage Is having a system that can't be camped or threatened by anyone short of a massive fleet, these systems became chain hubs, and they effectively don't have to obey the geography of their own region so you can't set up choke point camps to try and mess with people like you could in geminate for instance.
  4. As I said in the conclusion, if this is just income for low sec locals, I think it's really great source of income. I'm not sure but I felt like people had different expectations over these keys? I do like that there is a significant resident advantage. My only point was that these are not sites people are going to contest over, this is gonna be some guy who lives in low sec, farming these, and unlikely running the key themselves but selling it instead directly to some buy order or listing it.
  5. After having completed one of these sites and immediately selling it to a contract buy order for 900 million ISK. I felt it necessary to share my experience with them. 1.) First thing you'll notice is while the site is locked at 3 people max, you can't even warp in to the second gate room if you don't have 2 people to unlock the data cans again. 1.b) The site relocks after 2 minutes, which means you cannot bring combat fit ships for proper combat fit outside of 1 of your ships that you bring. Effectively this designed for 3 unique players or at least 2. 1.c) The site rats apply really effectively to pretty much everything, even interceptors. My buddy brought his claw in to give my Golem Sensor Boosts and he lasted maybe 1 minute, even at 100km distance on average. 1.d) The damage output from this site is literally insane, you cannot do this in some weak bitch fit with a t3c. It has to be some Tengus, and they have to be incredibly blinged, and they need to be constantly at over 100km and moving with AB on. They have to use Heavy Missiles, and the entire process takes just as long in a Marauder. Marauders have to MJD tank, you MJD, do 2-3 cycles of bastion, rep once or twice, rinse repeat. 2.) Everything is omni tank, and everything doesn't take application from cruise missiles with multiple computers/painters going well at all. With tech 2 cruise missiles I was at best hitting frigates for 137 damage per cycle. There are over 15 frigates in the site and on average it was taking me 1-2 minutes to kill one. Even the frigates are deadly in this place. Cruisers have similar application toughness but they take at least 571 damage per cycle, and the battleships take full application. If the swarm of frigates reaches your golem, you will be spam overheating your reps till you get out of bastion and MJD, they can easily break your tank and they appear to be doing over 100+ dps per frigate. The site took over 2 hours to clear with my 1 Marauder, and I couldn't leave the site to go try and different fits, or different types of missiles, or to try Rapid Heavy application on the frigates, because if you leave the site, you cannot jump back in without unlocking the cans again with the 2 other characters. You can not do this site as a roaming player in my opinion because the most charitable set up is a double nestor plus leshak to handle these sites. And no one will go roaming all over low sec for that. If this is designed for income for lowsec, and for players who live in low sec, know the territory, know the people and know when it's safe, then this is a success for that. If this is designed to get more roaming groups in to low sec, and for there to be fights over these kinds of sites, or for people to camp and prepare for a fight at these sights. Effectively create content with these sites, then these do not hit those marks in any capacity. The damage output needs to be nerfed, or the 2 minute lock timer needs to be increased so you can reship those characters to help kill the second room.
  6. Lol, yeah, this isn't reddit, idk why anyone would think corp propaganda had some meaning here or merit.
  7. No, I'm not trolling. I just disagree with the level of response to this login reward. I don't think it's a big deal, I think it encourages conflict and encourages people spending money and getting in space and I just don't think a 1 time event where they do this is worth the merit of multiple posts of people losing their minds on multiple social platforms. Everyone is so eager to chimp out these days, I have no desire to help contribute towards that. (Not claiming any one here is doing that, just explaining my perspective.)
  8. I'm not gonna lie, seeing people cry for passive income, and claim income is the reason theres less conflict, when CCP just straight gives effectively passive money, and people still bitch. It's remarkably insufferable.
  9. You just give the keys a 2 day duration or something max. There has to be constraints on this. They are not filled with infinite power they can't control every low sec system at all times.
  10. I do see an inherent problem with multiple keys of a system being available. I think there should only be one availabe at a time. Perhaps even make it a daily changing constellation of systems that are allowed to engaged each week or day. They need to make it so the areas that can be targeted are either less, or have multiple different vulnerability windows, so one group can't use all the keys in AU tz, etc. There needs to be a really rigid system structure for this.
  11. Your assumptions that this part will be possible, is highly unfair, the way keys are designed, there is a lot of distance these groups would have to travel to get their own. The distance alone increases the odds they may be finding conflict.
  12. You made a couple of good points, and It actually made me a little bit hopeful after reading these changes.
  13. There is more to low sec than faction warfare. I wish people wouldn't use the 2 as a synonym for FW.
  14. I think his revolution will not only be a long term benefit to the game but its slowly becoming a shorter term benefit. I'm very interested to see if CCP is going through with the concept of active mining giving more than afk mining multi boxing, more main box miners will drive prices down very fast. Suitonia was really accurate when he referenced just how few people actually do the heavy lifting of New Edens industry world.
  15. So I'll preface this by saying, those of you who know me, know I am not a beacon of skill or big brain fleet style combat. I am not a battle hardened solo/small gang roamer, but I have done my fair share of filaments in null sec. What become really evident, very quickly, is the fact that the geography of regions no longer matters, choke points (gate camp attractions) are no longer relevant, and to cap it all off, the majority of people you run into are in Hubs, primarily in the same system as their Ansiblex gate, so this gate which has many many negatives already, is also incentivizing things that go directly against the idea of the Dynamic Bounty system that was recently added. They have been attempting to get people to spread out, so people will be more likely to run in to fights. These gates cannot be camped in any real capacity, because the systems they are in are generally always heavily active and heavily populated, even during AU tz. It is very rare to find anyone not in these systems being active. That said, lets pretend you do find one, and you attempt to camp it, the response time for these alliances is un real, because they are able to travel tons of light years quickly to you, with no net negatives, and no way to hold off or even slow down large groups. These gates are always defended because of just how much power they give. It is firmly my belief that these gates Inhibit content at a bare minimum. They incentivize play that CCP has come out directly against in their own most recent iterations of design, and more over they have no draw backs, only positives, they disrespect region geography and allow people to traverse insane distances with no real recourse or drawbacks. I don't think they are good for the game, and I'm curious what everyone else thinks about them.
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