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  1. The reason only a small number of people do it is because of the committment of time and effort, with getting into the space and being ready to fight in very bling ships. For FW, the opportunity here is for those barriers to be lowered. (along with, I hope, the rewards to be more appropriate) Such content in FW also has the opportunity to deliberately block the "bling" requirement by using ship and module limitations.
  2. FW roudntable at fanfest. I asked specifically.
  3. On a positive note, blended pve/p with pochven-mechanic-alike fleet pve sites excites me a lot. Meaningful income pve content that forces you to perform it in small coherant fleets.
  4. Hi, i'm a reporter with contenttheft news network and was wondering if we could use your video in our report on accurate predictions? Thanks!
  5. I believe FW is a golden opportunity to offer people an alternative to joinning a superlarge group. I don't blame people for joining blocs, they're playing the game that CCP has presented to them - there clearly was not enough balance in terms of "things to do, places to be and people to become".
  6. Rumor has it that the first iteration of the new Faction war will be with us sometime Q4 this year. I have a major concern about the advice on offer to CCP from a vast majority Nullbloc CSM. CCP announced that you will no longer have to actually commit to FW by joining a group, you can ally yourself individually while staying in your non-affiliated group. I am concerned that the bloc CSM will largely push for FW to be an opportunity to them for moneymaking rather than an opportunity for people who want combat content. With potentially hundreds of bloc members using the system primarily as a source of income rather than as a source of content, the incentives would skew FW to be controlled as a "no fun allowed" zone by those groups who have proven themselves to desire to be static wealth-accumulation alliances over conflict. Thoughts?
  7. With a recent issues exposing the mechanics of reddit as fundamentally broken for meaningful discussion Red Donut is re-open. Please familiarise yourself with the rules and "why" topics. Opening again has been planned for a while, but while valid criticism and discussion is unable to be posted on reddit due to reddit admin requirements, I have accellerated this process. We're seeking moderators from a diverse set of places around New Eden - please contact me at whispous#8537 if you have people you would like to recommend and why. For discussion of r/eve events, please use the Eve general section to do so and remember that there is a difference between harassment and criticism. The latter is extremely welcome here. The former is not.
  8. Seconding the cane. Great damagetype choice, good native tracking with Autos.
  9. Thank you! While I don't think the reddit userbase is toxic, I feel the mechanics of reddit are.
  10. Agreement from Vertiso, but he never formed a team!
  11. Such is life, but I am not gonna stop trying to fix parts of the problem. I WILL be trying for CSM next year again.
  12. I find the constant issue is lack of activity I can join in with.
  13. I like to go with double extender and full dps fit, autos
  14. Baltrom as head of No handlebars has asked me to publicise his claim to be the Tiberium Champion. He formally challenges Snuffed Out to bring a team to fight on the honourable battlegrounds of tanks and helicopers in a match of OpenRA. Being the instigator, Baltrom's 3v3 team currently holds the position of champion. He offers that anyone bring a team to challenge him for the title. I will keep record of who is the current champion as a neutral party. If you challenge Baltrom with your named 3v3 team and he takes you up, he's ready for a late EU showdown. If he refuses to a match within a reasonable timeframe (a few days), you will automatically gain the title and be challengeable.
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