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Here are some rules. If you have reason to believe a post or comment is breaking them or needs attention from a moderator, please use the report function.

Please message whispous#8537 on Discord if you believe you have been moderated unfairly.


  1. Do not spam any content. This includes but is not limited to posting the same message repeatedly, posting similar content multiple times, posting anything that is an attempt to break formatting or cause tedium. This also includes starting threads or posting messages with virtually no content.
  2. Do not post blatently racist, deliberately offensive or illegal material.
  3. Do read the context of posts and comments you are replying to, and read your own with critical thinking before submitting. Don't forget to tag your threads!
  4. Do not encourage or attempt to dox anyone.
  5. While you may discuss bugs and exploits with Eve Online, you must not post any instructions on how to execute any EULA breaking actions, or link to them.
  6. Do not attempt to lawyer the rules.

As the community builds, moderation may occur for reasons not listed here. Please contact whispous#8537 on Discord if you need to talk about the rules.


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